Alston Medical Practice is a dispensing practice. This is a great convenience for patients who can collect medicines at the time of seeing the doctor or nurse. However, we are not allowed to dispense to patients whose home address is within 1 mile of a chemist, nor are we allowed to sell medicines that may otherwise be available without a prescription. Patients are always at liberty to take their prescription to a pharmacy elsewhere should they prefer to do so.

Drug Stocks

We try to keep a stock of our most commonly used medicines at all times, but at periods of unexpected demand or when there are delivery problems, we may run low on some items. We receive a delivery from our supplier every weekday, so items that are not in stock can usually be acquired within 24 hours.

Requesting Repeat Prescriptions

Requests for repeat prescriptions can be made in writing, in person, by telephone or by using the Online Service. Wherever possible please give 48 hours notice. It is worth bearing in mind that Monday morning is a particularly busy time for the Dispensers, so if a telephone request is being made you may find it easier to get through later in the day.

Prescription Charges

Any charges that may be due on prescriptions must be met at the time of collecting the medicine. Remember that many people are entitled to exemption from prescription charges so please ask for details of exemptions if you are not sure. If you are entitled to exemption, you are required to show evidence of this each time you collect a medicine. If you are not entitled to exemption, but require regular prescriptions, it may be cheaper to get a prepayment certificate. Prepayment certificates can be purchased for periods of 4 or 12 months, and work out cheaper if you are averaging more than 14 prescription items in one year. Please ask a receptionist if you would like more details, or wish to purchase a certificate. Payment for certificates and prescriptions can be made by cash, check or most credit cards.

Private Prescriptions

Some medicines, such as travel medicines, cannot be dispensed on a NHS prescription. They can be prescribed on a private prescription, and the cost of the prescription then reflects the actual cost of the medicine prescribed, and may be more or less than the usual prescription charge. The actual cost may vary slightly from one pharmacy to another, but we try to match our own prices to those of other local pharmacies.